Jo Garrison Cakes is owned and operated by a Minnesota native who grew up with a passion for art, and a sweet tooth just as strong. After high school, she began her culinary career as a cake decorator at a local grocery store while attending MCAD for fine art painting. As her career evolved, it has always been something fueled by creative energy and an artistic eye. She moved from grocery store, to small mom and pop owned bakeries, to eventually working in fine dining restaurants. With many years in the fine dining world her love of creating sculptural and imaginative cakes only strengthened. Like delicately balancing layers of cake and filling, she learned to balance the flavors of a composed dish.  Fine dining has also taught her to source ingredients with integrity and the importance of making everything from scratch. With the most refined pastry skills and knowledge of the most current cake decorating techniques Jo will help you design the most memorable sweets for your event.

Jo was a wedding cake decorator for many years at a local cake shop where she made many designs, one being featured in MplsStPaul magazine (Fall/Winter 2011). She worked under Diane Yang at the nationally acclaimed La Belle Vie where she learned advanced techniques from Minnesota’s best Pastry Chef. Afterward, she went on to be the Pastry Chef at Heyday under Jim Christensen where one of her dishes was given national attention from Bon Appetite. Jo was also a part of the small group of chefs chosen to give praise to Ferran Adria, one of the world’s best chefs, at his exhibit at the MIA. She spent some time in Cincinnati helping open Please, a restaurant bringing the dining scene of Cincy to new heights. After a short while in Ohio she moved back to help open 510 where her work was given praise by MplsStPaul magazine.